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Response Part 2: The problems with global food production

Michael posed another challenge to my assertion that there are serious problems with the current food production system by pointing out that our current system produces enough surplus to make us one of the largest grain producers and exporters in the world. He argued that if we took my advice and reorganized our food production system using more local agriculture, then we would essentially be starving the world through our selfish need to take better care of the environment. I brought up some counterarguments at the time, and now I will revisit them and expand upon them further. Continue reading


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Response to Michael: Part 1

This will be the first part in a series that I hope to do about globalization, food production, and sustainable economic development. I’m titling them ‘Response to Michael’ because these thoughts were brought together in a great discussion/debate one evening about the pros and cons of the globalization of food production and capitalism in general. My friend Michael brought up some challenging arguments and prompted a stimulating conversation and a number of ideas that I’ve since been wrestling with. I hope to receive comments and feedback in order to continue to develop my position on the issues and hear criticisms from those who hold different opinions. Continue reading


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